1. How can I create a new user?
To create a new user, please visit http://client.sunnet.us and select the ‘Create a new account’ option located under the Login button.
2. How do I submit a bug?
To enter a bug, select the ‘Submit a Bug’ option and fill in all applicable fields. Next, select your project name and press ‘Submit.’ Once submitted you’ll be taken to the ‘View Ticket Progress’ page where you will be able to track your ticket’s status until completion.
3. How do I submit a new request?
To enter a new request, select the ‘Submit a Request’ option and fill in all applicable fields. Next, select your project name and press ‘Submit.’ Once submitted you’ll be taken to the ‘View Ticket Progress’ page where you will be able to track your ticket’s status until completion.
4. I have multiple tickets entered. How can I sort through the tickets?
Yes, you can easily sort through tickets by clicking on the corresponding title. You can sort by ‘Project, Type, Ticket Code, Date created or updated, Status, Priority, Created by and Action.’
5. How will I know when there are updates to my ticket?
Each time your ticket is updated, a green icon will appear next to your ticket in the client portal. You will also receive an automatic email informing you about what was updated on your ticket. The email received will be similar to the text below:

Your Ticket R324 "Refresh my Server" has been updated.
"Your server has been refreshed, please confirm."
For more information, log into the client portal. http://client.sunnet.us

6. What does the ticket status mean?

Draft - Draft stands for that you have just write a draft, it has not entered into the system.

Submitted - Submitted tickets have been successfully entered into the system, but have not yet been reviewed by your Project Manager.

In progress - In Progress tickets have been reviewed by your Project Manager and are currently under review or in the development stage.

Estimating - Estimating tickets are estimating.

Denied - Denied tickets were denied by saler.

Waiting Feedback - Waiting Feedback tickets need your review and feedback before we can proceed.

Waiting Verify - Waiting Verify tickets have already been published to your production/live site and need your review and approval.

Not Approved - Not Approved ticket has been released on product server, but you didn't approve.

Completed - Completed tickets have been approved and published to your production/live site. These tickets are considered closed.

Cancelled - Cancelled tickets are tickets that are no longer being worked on but continue to be stored in the client portal.

7. Can I cancel tickets once they’ve been entered into the portal?
If you need to cancel your ticket, simply select the ‘Cancel’ button located within your ticket. Please keep in mind that once your ticket is cancelled, you will not be able to access it again.
8. Can I cancel once my ticket is ‘In Progress?’
Yes, you can still cancel you ticket once it’s in progress but please note that you will still be financially responsible for what has already been worked on.
9. Why do I need an emergency contact?
We suggest including an emergency contact in case we need to contact your regarding an urgent ticket matter and you are unavailable.
10. What is an IT consulting agreement?
Our IT consulting agreement grants us permission to work on your requests and guarantees payment.
11. How do I know if my company has a maintenance plan?
  • If you are unsure whether or not your company has a maintenance plan, please select ‘Does not have maintenance plan’ and we will correct it once we’ve verified.
  • Selecting ‘Has a maintenance plan’ lets us know to use your available maintenance hours
  • Selecting ‘Does not have maintenance plan’ lets us know that we must invoice all tickets.
12. How do I know if my company requires a quote approval?
  • Selecting ‘Needs a quote approval’ requires you to approve any ticket submitted on the client portal before we can proceed. Once approved, we will begin working on your ticket
  • Selecting ‘Does not need a quote approval’ allows us to immediately work on all tickets as soon as they are submitted within the client portal
13. Why do I need to use the client portal to submit my requests?
By entering all your requests & bugs on the client portal, you will be able to easily and immediately track the status of all your submitted requests in real time.
14. Why do I need to assign a priority to my requests?
Assigning a priority is essential when submitting multiple tickets. Selecting a priority will help us sort out urgent tickets so that we may work on them immediately. Lower priority tickets will be worked on after urgent tickets are completed.
15. How will I know the status of my request?
You can track the status of your request in real time by going to the ‘View Ticket Progress’ page and locating the status column.
16. How can I change my password?
To change your password, simply go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Change Password.’ You will be prompted to input a new password
17. What is the Survey option?
The survey option is an opportunity for you to let us know how we are doing. The survey consists of 10 short questions that will be sent directly to the President of the company.
18. Who can I contact if I have an emergency request?
For all technical emergencies during business hours, please contact your Project Manager directly.
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